Additional Methods

Brainstorming Workshops

geokg assists decision-makers in organizations, through brainstorming workshops and process workshops among company employees. These workshops are suitable for various purposes, including: “Cracking values”, formulating a vision and integrating it into the organization, examining different aspects of the customer experience, internal interfaces between departments in the organization, and more.
The structure of the workshops is unique and tailored to the specific needs of the client and to the socio-cultural atmosphere of the organization.

Consumer Panel

As part of this method, a panel of participants is established, selected according to defined criteria.
This method supports decision-making processes, business-marketing-media issues, while panel members participate in strategic discussions, providing additional perspectives.

Qualitative Observation

Observations are mainly used to analyze the behavior of needs, salespeople, service providers and other target audiences, at points of sale or service.


According to this methodology, the use of the product is simulated under laboratory conditions.
During the simulation, situations that are as similar as possible to the situation on the ground are created,  and initiate active participation by the participants.

This methodology can be used to develop and diagnose new products, understand how they are used, what causes excitement, and accordingly adjust the sales processes between the seller and a potential customer.

Ethnographic Study

The purpose of the ethnographic study is to crack down on cultural codes, behavior patterns, beliefs and opinions that are prevalent, conscious and unconscious, among target audiences.
The study is conducted using observations combined with interviews in the interviewees’ homes or other relevant places.