Face To Face Surveys

Field Survey Department

geokg has a strong logistics system for performing and conducting face-to-face surveys throughout Israel – in all populations, in all sectors and in a variety of languages.
The company has an extensive network of surveyors, spread throughout the country, which includes dozens of experienced interviewers, through which the fieldwork is carried out, in various studies conducted by the company.
In each of the studies, a “survey profile” is adjusted according to the type of study and the sample population. Field work is conducted throughout the year, which allows maintaining close contact with the reviewers and developing review skills.

Various types of Surveys

The Survey Department conduct several types of surveys:

  • National sampling interviews, “door-to-door” or at central locations
  • Interviews and observations in sales centers or service centers (stores, malls, clinics and hospitals, bank branches, exhibitions and conferences)
  •  Transport studies: On-board surveys, passenger counts, passenger satisfaction, driving habits survey, etc
  • Observations and Traffic counts
  • Mystery Shopper

Supervision and Control

In order to ensure the accuracy and quality of the data collected during the field work, the company operates computerized quality control processes and strict supervision through project managers in the department, who maintain on-going contact with surveyors during the field work

Data Collection

Data collection is usually carried out using advanced cellular devices or tablets, in which a survey application is installed, enabling a full and comprehensive solution to all data collection needs.

The surveys application provides a wide range of solutions, both in terms of the ability to use many different types of questions (closed, open, numerical, computational, tabular, single / multi-choice, etc.)
And in terms of the ability to determine logical conditions in questionnaires.

The data collection tools provide up-to-date information and enable “remote control” of the progress of collection, data quality and sampling, as well as enable the reception of data from the field, processing and transferring it to the customer quickly.