Focus Groups

Focus groups are one of the qualitative research methods applied in geokg, managed by senior researchers with expertise, deep understanding and experience from a wide range of disciplines: social psychology, organizational psychology, business administration and marketing, sociology and anthropology, behavioral sciences and management.

A focus group is a tool that enables an in-depth examination of the emotional, conceptual and cognitive worlds of different target audiences – customers and consumers of services and products – and is an essential tool in important decision-making stages for meaningful developments in companies and organizations in a wide range of areas: Economic-social-community issues and political issues.

During the focus groups, a variety of questioning techniques, both direct and indirect, are used to shed light on the deep, and often hidden, aspects of consumer behavior.


The Facilities

The focus group room is equipped with advanced technological equipment including recording and transcription capability, simultaneous translation and recording of the translation on the video soundtrack.

In the focus groups you can display advertising videos, display concepts, browse websites for the display of new products or services, etc.

The focus group can be viewed from a guest room (through one-way glass) and feel the group dynamics. For the convenience of our customers, it is also possible to view the focus groups on a secure site.

Recruitment of Participants

Recruitment of the participants is carried out with strict control, reliability and quality, in order to ensure that the participants meet the criteria required by the customer.

The recruitment system also operates in the population sectors of Israel: immigrants, the Arab sector and the ultra-Orthodox sector, in various languages such as Amharic, Spanish, French and English, among professionals from different specialties (cardiologists, endocrinologists, gynecologists), as well as among architects, contractors, company owners, technicians of various types and professionals.

The recruitment system provides a solution for populations of different socio-economic levels, as well as different geographic regions.

Complementary Methods

  • Online Focus Groups
    The main advantage of Internet focus groups is the ability to unite people from different parts of the country under one roof, while neutralizing the distance limit.
    The discussion is conducted through a moderator, who can hold a discussion with all participants, with some of them, or a dialogue with only one participant.
    During the group visual materials can be presented, and participants can be given personal tasks as part of the discussion.
    Participation in the discussion is done by entering the digital arena, allowing the customer to view the discussion.


  • Tracking Diaries

    When recruiting participants for a focus group, they receive a task that includes documentation, over a number of days, of their usage habits and experience with a product, service, website, or app.
    The early documentation enables us to examine new products or services before the discussion, and to deepen the discussion and conclusions derived from the focus group regarding the future consumption of new products, identification of barriers, advantages and disadvantages in the product, and more.
    This tool is an additional layer in the analysis of focus groups, and contributes to lively and productive discussion.