In-Depth Interviews

In-Depth Interviews are one of the qualitative research methods applied in geokg, managed by senior researchers with expertise, deep understanding and experience from a wide range of disciplines: social psychology, organizational psychology, business administration and marketing, sociology and anthropology, behavioral sciences and management.

The purpose of the interviews is to expose attitudes, perceptions and feelings, motivations and barriers, some of which are emotional, and which are often not revealed by questioning in quantitative research.
In-depth interviews enable you to become familiar with the decision-making processes of customers and consumers of different products and services, barriers and ways to remove them, and generates important insights as a basis for making strategic decisions in companies and organizations.

In-depth interviews are conducted among professional populations, decision-makers and public opinion leaders, as well as among populations that are difficult to recruit to participate in focus groups, such as senior management and business customers seeking to maintain anonymity, upper class, and in situations where competitors need to be interviewed.


The Interview

Interviews are conducted by senior interviewers, at a time and place convenient for the interviewee. Interviews are usually conducted frontally, but in some cases, the interview can also be conducted as a telephone interview.

The interviews are conducted according to a structured guideline, which is intended to cover the range of subjects defined in the study. The structure of the guideline allows the interviewer some flexibility, in a “one-on-one” conversation situation, in order to deepen and expand, where necessary, or where it serves the purposes of the study.

Recruitment of Interviewees

The recruitment process is based on a predefined “interviewee profile” and it includes a screening questionnaire to verify that the interviewees fit the criteria required for the research.

geokg’s recruitment capabilities provide a solution for the recruitment of various professionals, senior managers and decision-makers in organizations, physicians from various fields of expertise, those with very high financial status and more.

The recruitment system covers populations from various socio-economic levels, different geographic regions, and from various sectors (Arabs, ultra-orthodox and immigrants from different countries).