Online Surveys

What is an Online Survey

An online survey is a self-administered questionnaire distributed through a digital platform.
In recent years, there has been a shift from Telephone surveys to Online surveys. The main advantage of Online surveys is the ability to display images, video clips and audio, and in this way to examine visual elements, including: concepts and advertising content, packaging, logo identification of brands.

Various types of surveys

There are several types of online surveys, distributed through different platforms, depending on the type of research and target population:


  • A survey distributed to a large Online panel, in which the respondents are pre-registered as panel members
  • A survey distributed to a database of e-mail addresses provided by the customer, and is usually conducted among the company’s customers
  • A survey distributed via text message, which includes a link to a computerized questionnaire
  • A survey distributed via an ad or banner on websites / forums / social media / QR-Code, linked to a computerized questionnaire


The sampling design and sampling is conducted in accordance with the research objectives, the target population, and the professional ethics rules.
The questionnaire is computerized and enables the use of structured logical cues, which present the interviewee with questions according to the responses that answered other questions in the survey, or according to the characteristics of the interviewee.
In all types of surveys, the answers are recorded in real time, allowing to control sampling and the number of respondents.