Telephone Surveys

The CATI Center

geokg owns the largest CATI center in the industry.
A very large team of surveyors perform hundreds of thousands of telephone interviews every year. The interviews are conducted in several languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and when necessary, in additional languages, such as Amharic, Spanish, English and French.

The CATI center includes 70 surveing station, all controlled by a central management system, which enables control and supervise of the  sampling, pace of work and the quality of the surveys.

Various types of surveys

We conducts various types of surveys including:

  •  Marketing research surveys
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Social studies
  • Economic studies
  • Medical studies
  •   Studies among business decision makers and public opinion leaders

Supervision and Control

geokg places great importance on the accuracy and quality of the data, and therefore uses various tools to ensure the quality of the surveys.
The interviews are conducted under the supervision of the CATI management team, who ensures the implementation of the instructions of the  research team and professional ethics instructions.
In addition, computerized quality control tools are used , as well as learning processes and feedback, in order to improve the professionalism of the interviewers and the quality of the interviews.