Advanced Models & Big Data

Advanced Models & Big Data

geokg’s information systems are not only a technical level of service in geokg Knowledge Group, but are a separate industry that deals with research and development of unique information systems products and information-intensive models and solutions.

The geokg system, its statistical analysis tools and analytical mapping tools, are based on a geocartographic principle – the “Non-Divide Space Analysis“. The principle states that each boundary and area are arbitrary, and therefore unlimited analysis must be allowed, based on the level of initial, maximum, maximum possible detail. The products of each geocartographic analysis of sites are, therefore, ad hoc, according to the needs of the research, the substantive boundaries of each investigated phenomenon.

geokg customers benefit from a broad infrastructure of information systems, computerization and research techniques developed by the company:

Geographic Information System (GDB)

The system includes demographic, socio-economic and business information on every area of Israel’s urban space, up to the breakdown of specific streets and houses. The GDB system has about 600,000 buildings and relates to them a large wealth of data in multiple economic and marketing indexes: demographic, social and economic (including socioeconomic decile and even socio-economic percentiles)

The data is updated constantly and accurately: up to the level of the building, address, coordinates, number of housing units, age of building, property prices, type of population residing in the property, etc.

Automated Analytical Mapping (GIS) using the AVISYS method

A unique research tool in the study of space, which enables socio-economic segmentation, market segmentation, marketing focus, potential calculations, “locating holes” in the city’s social systems, the city’s services systems, marketing and distribution systems and finding optimal locations for industry, real estate and commerce.

Segmentation of Populations

geokg has unique capabilities in segmenting customers and populations, based on the results of surveys, research and information systems of the Company and its customers.
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Unique Models for Assessing Benefits

Computer models developed by the Company to evaluate the benefits of projects and the optimal location of services and branches in the urban, regional and national areas, as a function of the size of the population and its demand and consumption characteristics against the existing and planned supply throughout the region.

BIG DATA based Analysis

The Information Systems Division, in conjunction with the Department of Statistics, serves as research and assistance units for all areas of research in geokg. The level of statistical analysis can analyze huge files (BIG-DATA).
The company has extensive experience in statistical-economic analyzes and working with huge databases such as banks, police, population registry files, newspaper systems, comparative price analyzes, shopping cart checks, tracking changes in construction, consumer goods and communications.

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