Service Quality & Customer Experience

Service Quality & Customer Experience

geokg provides its clients with a team of experts with many years of experience and practical tools for measuring and improving the service, with the aim of increasing business activity.
The company conducts ad hoc research and ongoing studies to accompany the organization, at all its contact points, in measuring, analyzing, monitoring and reporting sales processes, service, internal service and internal interfaces.
The activity includes customer satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction, studies to examine the relationship with suppliers and agents, and mystery shopper observations, for measuring and evaluating work processes and assimilating the organization’s procedures.
The activity is conducted using a variety of methods and collection tools, in accordance with the research objectives: telephone interviews, on-line interviews, digital surveys, face-to-face interviews at the point of sale, mystery shopper, accompanying client, observation and more.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction
  • Advanced models for measuring satisfaction, and identifying strengths and weaknesses at the organizational level and various organizational units
  • Assimilation and management of service competition in organizations, including development of reward models for success
  •   Models and tools for setting goals for improving service (MBO models)
Increasing Customer Share and Market Share
  • Analysis of customer databases
  • Loyalty studies and customer retention
  • Identifying customer loyalty among competitors, and providing tools for recruiting new customers
  • Segmentation and customer strategy
  • Development of “customer value” index as a basis for customer retention and recruitment activities
Customer Retention & Loyalty
  • Models for predicting customer commitment
  • Identification of unmet needs
  • A red flag service event monitor and customer care tools
  •   Build a “Manager ToolBox”, tailored to the organization, to create a better customer experience in service and sales process
Mystery Shopper
  • Mystery shopping (frontal)
  • Mystery shopping (phone)
  • Observations
  • Collecting business intelligence

More about Mystery Shopper

Advanced Reporting Tools

geokg provides its customers with a number of alternatives to advanced reporting methods, tailored to the customer’s needs. The solutions were developed by the company and are based on many years of experience, and their most obvious advantage is their degree of operability:


  • Various solutions for measurement and monitoring of survey results, customer events and business information
  • Geo-SIM: Dynamic web systems for reporting, investigating and analyzing findings of satisfaction surveys
  • Red Flag: A system of alerts about service events and dissatisfied customers
  • Developing additional dynamic solutions according to customer needs
Consulting - Accompanying - Training
  • Consulting meetings, Training and accompaniment of managers and unit managers
  • Personal meetings to discuss and analyze the results of the surveys, in order to plan work plan for improvement
  • Mentoring groups and brainstorming to various levels in the organization, as part of organizational processes and assimilation of organizational changes
Areas of expertise and other activities
  • Satisfaction of residents of municipal authorities
  • Employees Satisfaction
  • Students Satisfaction