Customer Segmentation & Market Targeting

Customer Segmentation & Market Targeting

geokg has an international segmentation model, which has been uniquely tailored to Israel, through which the company provides segmentation solutions for the segmentation of customers in Israel.
The segmentation system is implemented in 27 countries around the world, and since its launch in Israel, it has added value and innovative insights to customers from many sectors of the economy.
The system is based on a combination of dozens of different parameters, including residential characteristics, real estate prices, income levels, expenditure level, education, religious definition, political orientation, residential style, lifestyle characteristics and more.

Consumer Groups in Israel

The cluster analysis and cross-sectional analysis of these statistics led the system to identify 11 consumer groups and 40 distinct types in Israel, based on combinations of demographic, socio-economic, psychographic, lifestyle, and consumption characteristics.

Characterization and Analysis at the address level

Unlike a regular geographical breakdown referring to a city / town, the segmentation system refers to a specific address, since different types of consumers live in neighborhoods and even on different streets.
-he system’s great advantage lies in its ability to identify, characterize and locate customers / consumers / residents, in order to plan a customer -targeted strategy.