Mystery Shopper


geokg provides with objective control tools that enable identification of problems, weaknesses and failures in service and sales processes. These tools are used to control and measure the degree of assimilation and the quality of assimilation of service and sales processes in organizational units.
The research products serve as an operational tool to improve the customer experience and, as a result, to increase business activity


The company’s services include:


  • Frontal Mystery Shopper: At points of sale and service, service competitions in shopping centers, retail chains and malls
  • Phone Mystery Shopper: An examination of the quality and service processes provided to the end customer by telephone, the degree of attractiveness of representatives in motivating a sales meeting, contributing to the perception of the brand, and more
  • Monitoring: Mapping processes, monitoring and identifying failures in the processes of serving real customers, through an objective and anonymous professional factor
  • Customer accompaniment: Characterization of the shopping experience by accompanying a real customer, in order to obtain a true picture of the quality of the service, the customer experience and sales processes, considerations of preference and choice of products and brands, and the decision making process
  • Business intelligence gathering: A snapshot of the business environment in which the company operates in order to achieve competitive advantage over competitors: market trends, products, sales methods, value propositions, price levels, and media activity. The activity is carried out through ad hoc tests, or through a dedicated panel that operates continuously