Marketing & Advertising Research

Marketing & Advertising Research

geokg provides its clients with a wide range of research solutions, which serve as a decision support tool, in planning marketing-communication strategy, including: models for examining brand position and brand equity, Concept testing, examining presentors, mapping consumer decision-making  process, effectiveness of advertisements, analysis of competition and more.
The studies are carried out among a variety of population sectors, including professional populations, while adapting the sampling method and method of  questioning to the target audience and the research goals.
The research work includes unique analyzes, including segmental analysis, geographic analysis and expanded socio-economic analysis, which enable the production of significant conclusions and operational conclusions, as part of a process aimed at creating value for the customer.

Marketing Position & Brand Equity

Examination of marketing position and examination of brand equity in the competitive environment in which it operates


  • Mapping the status of the brand, the marketing and communication messages required to strengthen the brand, and prioritizing messages
  • Mapping of perceptions of the brand in various parameters, in the competitive environment, tools for identifying the parameters in which it is right to focus in order to improve the status of the brand, and operative tools – “how to block competitors”
  • Development of the brand in the economic-pricing aspect
Marketing, Advertising and Sales Solutions
  • Copy testing models
  • Models for checking presentors
  • M odels for testing the effectiveness of advertising (during and / or after the campaign decline), including analysis of the level of influence on the brand
  • Examination of customer decision making processes
  • Examining the willingness to choose or buy products / brands
  • Analysis of the competitive environment
  • geokg Index for Advertising Effectiveness
From Segmentation to Strategy

geokg has an international segmentation model that was uniquely adapted to Israel, through which the company provides solutions that include:


  • Segmentation of customers and potential consumers
  • Identify and analyze marketing opportunities
  • Identify potential consumers at the street level, in order to reach more targeted audiences, including recommendations for BTL activities
  • For more on customer segmentation and audience mapping Click here

geokg has a unique, multi-year specialization in conducting research in various population sectors.
Apart from Hebrew, the interviews are conducted in Russian, Arabic, and among the Haredi and national religious sectors, as well as in accordance with the client’s needs in various languages such as Amharic, Spanish, French, English.

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Other areas of expertise and activity
  • Social Studies: Surveys and research for associations and organizations active in the fields of society, community, employment, volunteering, disadvantaged populations, and more. Studies for government ministries and public organizations in the areas of education, welfare, health, addictions and more.
  • Political surveys: Election surveys in local authorities and National elections, support of candidates in decision-making processes and planning of strategy, voting intentions and electoral forecasts
  • Packaging research: Examining new packaging, adapting the packaging to the brand, the category and series of products, the attractiveness of the packaging in delivering messages and driving to purchase, stand out on the shelf through Heat-Map and more.
  • Legal research: Trademarks, misleading consumers, writing legal opinions, accompanying law firms and appearing in court
  • Business sector research: Among business decision makers and professional population, human resources managers, high-tech and other business sectors
  • Survey +: Analytical mapping of survey results, translation of data into visual findings.