Public Participation

Public participation in urban planning and renewal processes is aimed at assisting complex planning processes and adapting the planning to the characteristics and needs of the residents, alongside the broad urban goals.
Public participation is usually conducted through interviews, discussions, gathering of residents, presentation of planning alternatives, etc.


Difficulties in public participation:
Lack of up-to-date information about the community in which they wish to operate, information that is not usually obtained from official sources of the state or municipality.


Our Way – Quick and Effective:
The company has tools that enable it to receive significant information before the start of the process, based on updated and detailed geographic information systems at the level of a building, specializing in special sectors: Arab, ultra-Orthodox, immigrants from the former Soviet Union and a top decile.


We offer:

  • Economic-social opinion
  • Attitudes and public opinion study among interested parties in planning processes
  • Identifying and characterizing communities
  • Accompanying statutory processes


The process:

  • Pre-analysis: community characteristics, demographic-socio-economic data, geokg information systems.
  • Pre-mapping of the population types according to an international segmentation model, which identifies 40 population types in Israel.
  •  –Preliminary survey: identifying needs, trends, leaders, areas of opposition, moods, etc.
  • Public participation: based on preliminary findings: interviews, focus groups, brainstorming, community meetings.
  • Definition and examination of criteria for measuring the success of the process and its reflection to the public.



  • A quick understanding of the connection between residents and physical planning.
  • Assistance in optimal planning for the target population according to expected needs.
  • Shortening the duration of the process by identifying barriers.


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